Night Sky Photography Tours - Skogen Photography

Skogen Photography is now offering Night Sky Photography Tours out of Calgary Alberta Canada.   Mark will take you out to one of his favourite locations based on the time of year, aurora forecast, phase and position of the moon and most importantly weather. The meeting place will be determined by where we will be driving to that night. You will need your own transportation.

To photograph the sky you will need to bring your camera gear and it would be a good idea to bring a steady tripod. If you don't want to travel with your own tripod or don't have one we can provide one for you to use during your tour.   The camera should be a DSLR or Mirrorless and you should have a wide angle lens with a fast aperture. Wider than 24mm with an aperture of 2.8 or better will get you the best results, however anything on the wider side will still get you good results. You will need to be able to set your camera to manual exposure and focus. If you do not know how do this, Mark may be able to help you. He has experience with settings on many camera types including Canon, Nikon, Olympus  and Sony.  Extra memory cards and spare batteries are also recommended. You don't want to get out to the middle of nowhere and run out of battery power or space for your photos.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Mark will be there to answer questions on the ins and outs of taking pictures of the stars or if we are lucky enough the Northern Lights. Beyond that, he will share tips for editing your photos to really make them pop once you have captured them. You can book your date by visiting our Instagram page and clicking on the book icon. 

You can book any number of people through the different booking options, but only the Private Tour option will guarantee that you will only have people in your group together that night with Mark

If the weather is not cooperating, whether it be too cloudy windy or cold and Skogen Photography decides to cancel the tour that night, you can opt to go out on a different night or a full refund will be issued. You can also cancel your tour for a full refund if it is at least one week away. Within 7 days of your tour, up to 48 hours before your tour you can only decide on a different date to go out. If it is within the 48 hours till your tour begins, you will not be issued a refund, unless Skogen Photography decides to cancel the tour for issues stated above. If you choose to no show, your tour will be deemed completed and you will not receive a refund.

While Skogen Photography will do everything in their power, within reason to keep you safe while on the tour and it is highly unlikely that injuries will happen, not all hazards can be accounted for and as such they will not take any responsibility for any injuries to you or members in your party while on the tour. It is suggested that you have travel/medical insurance if you are not from Alberta, to protect you from any mishaps on your tour. You will need to sign off on a waiver ahead of proceeding on the tour waiving your rights to claims against Skogen Photography or any of its agents, before you will be allowed on the tour. Should you decide not to sign off on the waiver, you will forfeit your tour and no refund will be given.